If I Could Be Like Mike.

March 2, 2016.  Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

‘Tis only lately that I have begun to doubt what I read on the world wide web.  Today, for example, I read that Stephen Curry is the greatest basketball player who ever lived. Well…if that’s the case, then why I have not heard of this fellow until today?  It’s not like I’m living under a rock or disconnected from the so-called real world to any great extent. When I Google  it, most of the articles state that the man self-declared the title of Best Player of All Time.  That’s nice.  I wonder what it will take for me to declare myself the Best Blogger of All Time?  Methinks I’d have to start a killer marketing ad campaign with catching tune=age, similar to when Michael Jordan had his BE LIKE MIKE ads out and that song played all. the. time.

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