35 Fun Ways to Lose Weight – Fast

The title of this post is similar to an article I recently perused, albeit briefly, online.  The suggestions were dumb as hell, and I thought to myself, “Self, you can come up with better!” So, here’s an attempt at the same…but, it’s personalized to me:

  1.  Drink at least ten glasses of H2O each and every day.  Water is required to flush out the remnants of the fat cells and it’s fun to see the water glass spill over on myfitnesspal.com.  It’s also fun to have an excuse to get up and fill my glass ten times a day, so there’s that feeling of making gains towards accomplishing a goal.  Mmmmm…accomplishment.
  2. Sleep more.  At night.  Eight hours in one shot.  None of this “catching up on sleep” crap.  Amazing things happen while we sleep, and if we don’t do it correctly, we are not giving ourselves the chance to maximize the benefits of the healing and rejuvenation process.  And do I need to go into what it is about sleep that’s so damn fun??
  3. Go horseback riding. That sounds really fun about now.  I took one class in college, thus making me an expert rider, and there are hotels that have stables available in more rural areas for about $35 an hour.  Not to mention area stables that rent out horses.
  4. Dancing.  With myself. (Sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat…)
  5. Eat delicious oranges.  Also works to prevent scurvy and my dreaded kidney stones.
  6. Enjoy quality television programming about weight loss on the Learning Channel.  Seriously, this hypnotizes me into dieting for about a week at a time.  My favorites include the one about getting excess skin chopped off and my 600 LB Life.
  7. Walk my dog.  Suddenly, I’m a better pet owner.
  8. Do hamstring and back stretches before even getting out of bed.  Every little bit counts and my back will thank me for it.
  9. Strap on ankle weights and wear them under my clothes to work.
  10. Quit eating chocolate bars as a between meal snack.  In fact, whenever I’m tempted, put the money that would’ve been dumped into said chocolate bar into my Trip to Italy fund.
  11. Wrestle with a kid.
  12. Pick up pop cans.  Pretend each can is worth a nickel. Save for the aluminum recycling plant, where they are redeemed for cold hard cash.
  13. Jog to McDonald’s.  Bet they don’t see that too often.
  14. Roll down great big hills.
  15. Snow tube.
  16. Do the laundry.
  17. Give a back massage.  Takes a lot of muscles.
  18. Get a back massage.  Burns a few calories in my muscles and makes them ready to exercise more.
  19. Go garage saling!
  20. Shop at the outlet mall, not online.
  21. Turn on that wii fit that’s collecting dust.
  22. Badminton.  Got two paddles and a shuttlecock in the living room right now!
  23. Tug of war.  With the dog.
  24. Put jalapenos on everything. I hear it increases the metabolism, but maybe it will deter me from eating it.
  25. Brush thy teeth after every meal.  It’s a fact that the more you brush your teeth, the less likely you are to snack.
  26. Volunteer. No matter what I’m doing, it’s work and bound to burn calories.
  27. Read the kindle on the treadmill.  Hey, I don’t like exercising outside, but I do love to read and I can do it while walking just fine.
  28. Plant some flowers now that it’s spring.

  29. Eat asparagus. Baked in the oven is how I enjoy it most.
  30. Watch movies about how badly farm animals are treated so I’m less likely to eat meat and dairy products.  Just like the TLC shows, it works for a good week, at least.
  31. Choose leaner meats.  I love chicken, turkey, and fish.  I just need to remember to eat them instead of beef, pork, and whatever Chinese is made of.
  32. Throw a party.  They’re so much work, what a fun way to stay active and social simultaneously.
  33. Put diet soda in my mixed drinks.
  34. Swimming.  Just so happens to be my favorite thing to do.  Next to loving up my boyfriend.
  35. Love up my boyfriend.  Lots.

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