Children of the 80’s Don’t Grow Up to Be Catholics.


I was born on a Thursday in 1979.  My formative years occurred during the 80’s when Michael Jackson was still a black man and it was okay to play outside unsupervised, ride a bicycle without a helmet, and sit in the front seat without a seat belt.  Not that I condone any of these things, I’m just saying that life (and commonly accepted styles of hair) was/were different.

I went to parochial school.  One of the few who loved it.  Attended church at least twice a week.  Now, my little daughter does the same and I swear she is more of a theological fundi than myself.  I’m still a member of the Catholic Church, but apparently, because of my liberal beliefs, I’m more of a “cafeteria Christian” according to my beloved friend.

The point?  It seems that knowing one’s beliefs and not agreeing with the majority  on all matters is a source of great shame.  Oh well!  That’s how change comes about.  Call me names.  Go ahead.  Call me a Cafeteria Catholic.  But, when we live in a world where it’s more acceptable to say, “I consider myself agnostic. I believe in a greater power, but because of science, I don’t believe in god,” then to say, “I worship with my fellow Catholics, but I choose to maintain a few of my own beliefs.” I say, “Oh well.”  And I go sit by myself in the corner pew while all my friends sleep in on Sunday.

Cafeteria Catholicism

The term cafeteria Catholicism is applied to those who assert their Catholic identity yet dissent from some Catholic doctrinal or moral teaching, or who are viewed as dissenting by those using the term.

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