Dysfunctional Families

Me, myself, and I came from a dysfunctional family. Where I was often
criticized repeatedly and without purpose by my parents and siblings, given
the message that if I wasn't perfect, then I wasn't "enough." I would like
to be able to say that this upbringing was helpful in shaping me 
into who I am today, however, the reality is that we receive criticize 
from ourselves and people we hardly even know enough that our families 
could do well to withhold those jabs and simply offer a listening ear, 
a caring nest to land in, and a hand to hold. 

My dysfunctional family lacked support and instead of shaping me into
the ambitiously driven individual I tell others I am, it gave me the words
for the three cruelest aspects of my personality: The Perfectionist, The
Driver, and The Punisher. How often do people go into job interviews saying
'Oh gosh, I guess my area of weakness if my perfectionism,'? Striving to be
perfect really is a detriment because it's an ideal no one can achieve, nor
should we try to.  We need to reset our ideals and start healing our
families.  My question is: with dysfunctional families the majority of us,
how do we change the paradigm of the cruel family to a world we have caring
and helpful families?


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