Beware the Ides of March.

March 15, 2016.

It was on this date in 44 B.C. that old Julius Caesar the dictator was murdered by 60 Senators.  Thanks to the 1599 Shakespeare play, the day lives forever in infamy, as the soothsayer Spurrina allegedly told the guy to “beware”.  Yet, only four years later, his death was undoubtedly avenged, as he was declared a god, a month was named after him, and the Roman Empire was ushered in.

What did we learn from this? That change is always for the better, no matter how one looks at it.  One may not know it at the time, but in order to grow, we need to change, no matter how drastically.

I didn’t say it doesn’t hurt though.  Change can hurt as much as a hundred stabbing knife wounds.

On the brighter side, today there is a small vanilla cone giveaway at most Dairy Queen locations across the US.  Perhaps this will make a small difference in how the infamous day turns out for us all.

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